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Why Apple will never support ogg/flac

have been wondering for some time why Apple won’t just freaking add ogg,flac, or any other Xiph formates to iTunes and iPods. It just hit me, it really is quite obvious; they want people to use their own proprietary formats. They don’t want people to be able to control their music because that is bad for their profits.

I need a new mp3 player (I have a 4GB ipod mini now) so I looked around a little bit, and I couldn’t find anything that is as nice as an ipod but also supports Xiph formats. Some of the Archos stuff is really cool but they are expensive and I can’t find them in stores so I can try before I buy. If there is anyone out there with one of these or something better please let me know about it. The other route is to just get an ipod and deal with it or install linux or what ever that firm wear thing is. I have done both of these things with my current ipod, but I got ride of them to save space.

Anyway, I digress. Apple wants to force people into their hardware, software, and music store. I for one only buy music on cds because I am a simi-audiophile and only willing to pay for music if I can get it in a lossless form. Apple, according to Slashdot, is preparing to offer a lossless iTunes store. I, of course, will still not buy this because the music will be DRMed (DRM= Digital Restrictions Management) and only available in Apple’s format; I won’t buy music that I may not be able to use in the future.

Die for the metal not the format.


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