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Site of the Week: Jamendo

This weeks site of the week is Jamendo. Jamendo is a French indie music site(no worries it has an English version). All of the music is available in some form of the creative commons license. Unfortunately only mp3s are available via HTTP, but both oggs and mp3s are available via bittorent(If you have a ISP, like mine, that blocks bittorent you may be out of luck). What I would really like is flac.

I’ve only looked for metal so I can’t comment to much on their selection. I will say that there are some good bands on Jamendo and some not so good bands. While the audios production of every band I listened to was really good most of them seemed to lack something that non-indie metal has. This might have just been because of the style of music is different between indie and non-indie though.

Jamendo has bands from all over the world, but being a French site many of the bands were French. It is a little strange to listen to French death metal(a really good band by the way). The only complaint I have about the selection is that I couldn’t find any viking metal. I do have a complaint about the site itself. You are supposed to be able to listen to music directly on the site using their web-based player. The only problem is that I couldn’t. It probably works with Windows but it doesn’t work with Linux or Mac OS.

If you like music and you like freedom you may like Jamendo. However don’t expect to find a 3 inches of blood(there is a clear disproportion of hair in this band) or Amon Amarth here.

May your beard grow ever longer (unless you’re a woman).

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Site of the Week: Dragon Go Server

Its been a little while since I did a site of the week so I thought it was about time to do one, and this week I’ve got a good one for all of the people out there that don’t have time to play their favorite game, Go.

If you don’t know what Go is, don’t worry your not alone. Go is a strategy board game; I think wikipedia can do much better job of explaining it than I can so I’ll let it

Go is played by two players alternately placing black and white stones on the vacant intersections of a line grid. The standard size of this grid is 19 × 19, although the rules of Go can be freely applied to any size: 13 × 13 and 9 × 9 are also popular choices for simpler and more tactic-oriented games as well as a way to introduce Go to new players. The objective of the game is to control a larger part of the board than the opponent. To achieve this, players strive to place their stones in such a way that they cannot be captured, while mapping out territories that cannot be invaded by the opponent without being captured. A stone or a group of stones is captured and removed if it has no empty adjacent intersections, the result of being completely surrounded by stones of the opposing color. Generally, placing stones close together helps them avoid capture, whereas placing them far apart allows a player to surround more territory. Part of the strategic difficulty of the game stems from finding a balance between these two conflicting interests. The game ends, and the score is counted when both players consecutively pass on a turn, indicating that neither side can increase its territory or reduce its opponent’s.

Enough about Go itself lets talk about about this site itself. That site is Dragon Go Sever (DGS). DGS lets you play Go in a turned based manor, meaning you can play over a long period of time maybe making a move a day. Its just like playing chess through the mail. This is very nice is your like me and don’t have an hour or more to play a a real time game. The only downside to this is that it will probably take you a month or two to finish a game ( so play more than one).

If your interested but don’t know how to play go there are plenty of tutorials online that will teach you the basics (if you go to the FAQ section of DGS you will be able to find a list of some good one).

My user name is gorthaur (as in Sauron) so you’re welcome (encouraged) to play a game with me 🙂 if you want.

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