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Site of the Week: Jamendo

This weeks site of the week is Jamendo. Jamendo is a French indie music site(no worries it has an English version). All of the music is available in some form of the creative commons license. Unfortunately only mp3s are available via HTTP, but both oggs and mp3s are available via bittorent(If you have a ISP, like mine, that blocks bittorent you may be out of luck). What I would really like is flac.

I’ve only looked for metal so I can’t comment to much on their selection. I will say that there are some good bands on Jamendo and some not so good bands. While the audios production of every band I listened to was really good most of them seemed to lack something that non-indie metal has. This might have just been because of the style of music is different between indie and non-indie though.

Jamendo has bands from all over the world, but being a French site many of the bands were French. It is a little strange to listen to French death metal(a really good band by the way). The only complaint I have about the selection is that I couldn’t find any viking metal. I do have a complaint about the site itself. You are supposed to be able to listen to music directly on the site using their web-based player. The only problem is that I couldn’t. It probably works with Windows but it doesn’t work with Linux or Mac OS.

If you like music and you like freedom you may like Jamendo. However don’t expect to find a 3 inches of blood(there is a clear disproportion of hair in this band) or Amon Amarth here.

May your beard grow ever longer (unless you’re a woman).

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Bismuth, as Heavy as it Gets before People Start Dying

I would like to propose a unit for measuring heaviness, as currently there is none. Kilograms, and Pounds duh, right? No, I’m talking about heaviness in music. If I want to tell someone how heavy this awesome new foobar metal band I found is how am I to do it? Currently I have to say to them, “Man, this band is really heavy, like so heavy your ears will will be torn from your face due to the weight.” So why not make a unit of heaviness so I can be more clear with how ambiguously heavy this new band is. I think the only unit that could be used is the deth, as in Dethklok. So now I can say, “Man, this band is 42deths” Since heaviness is relative to the listener it isn’t possible to have an accepted level of heaviness for any band or even a scale of heaviness. In that direction I would like to propose a false zero for the measurement of heaviness, 0deths is to be set at the heaviest of Hard Rock and any be set relative to that. So anything that is less heavy/lighter than the heaviest Hard rock will be a negative value and anything heavier will be >0.

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