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Signals from Outer Space!

I am proud to announce a new project that I will be working on in collaboration with my brother. We decided a while ago to write a collaborative sci-fi story. We also decided the best thing to use that would allow us to both write and allow access and comments from other people would be a blog. The Blog is Called Signals from Outer Space. As of right now there is nothing there but the first part of the story has already been written and should be uploaded soon.

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Cables Cables Cables

I’m sure by now you have heard all about the two undersea cables that have been cut causing outages in the Egypt and India. Well, a third has been cut completely cutting off internet in Iran.

I don’t know about you but I was suspicious when two where cut but three takes the metaphorical cake. Market watch one telecomm company is blaming tropical storms while another is blaming ship anchors, but I have to wonder just what is really going on here. Could this be an attack on the infrastructure of these countries (or a singe country and the others are just casualties of war)? If I were a deranged neocon who wanted to plunge my nation into and endless and un-winnable war with “terrorists” I would probably cut these cables to disrupt communications and cause confusion.

I really hope I’m wrong.

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