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A Novel Idea that could Save some Green.

Tuesday was Earth day and as I was at an Obama rally I didn’t get to post anything. Earth day is supposed to be a day of education about protecting the earths environment and so forth so I decided I would give you a little green tip that could have thousands of gallons of oil and miles (square-miles to be exact) of land fills all with a very simple three step process.

Step 1

Buy Jones Soda or whatever you want as long as it comes it a glass bottle.

Image stolen from Will Work For Food. If you own this picture and you want it removed just tell me and I will remove it (don’t sue me bro!).


Drink Jones Soda(or whatever you bought)


Refill with water and never buy a plastic bottle of water again.

In the last few years there has been a boom in overpriced, disgusting, bottled water; all of this had added up to land fills filling up with the empty plastic bottles when you are done drinking the horrible tasting water they once contained. And, as you may know plastic is made out of oil which is a non-renuable, polluting resource. In the last few month I decided to take to drinking water as well but I couldn’t stand the taste of bottled water, or the price, or I took some of the Jones Soda bottles after I drank their delicious contents and refilled them with tap water. It tastes much better than bottled water and it only costs a few cents compared to the $2 I paid for a single bottle (though I bought 2) at the aforementioned Obama rally.

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