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Email encryption part 1

Edit: If you already have GPG installed then check out the part two.

Unencrypted emails can be read by any server that they happen to pass through. The only way to stop this form being possible is to encrypt the email before you send it. First I’m am going to show you how to install GNUPG and later I will show you how to use your email client to send encrypted emails.

Installing GNUPG on windows

Installation on windows is pretty simple just download the latest binaries(.exe). Then you run the installer and it will install GPG to your program files directory.

Installing GNUPG on Unix-like operating systems

The easiest to install way to install GPG is to use the package manager built into your distrobution, if you have one. alternatively you can download binaries form GNUPG’s site. If you can’t find packages for your system on GNUPG’s website the best way to install is to install form source. If you are using a Mac (like I am) they will direct you to Mac GNUPG. However I would still suggest installing form source (you will need to install the developer tools form your install DVD), that way you know you have the most up-to-date and official packages. note that their are a few package manager for Mac OS X that will have GPG such as Fink, Macports, or Gentoo for Mac OS X.

Step 1: download the source.

Step 2: Untar the file you just downloaded. Open the terminal and go to the directory were you unzipped the files(this is done with the command cd). mine happens to be ~/desktop/gunpg-1.4.7.

Step 3: type “./configure”.

This will give you a stream of text for what seems like forever. Just wait until you are returned to the prompt.

Step 4: Now you need to type “make” this will give you the same kind of flow of text. If you would like you can check to make sure this work by typing “make check”.

step 5: At the next prompt type “sudo make install”. You will be prompted for the administrative password. If you aren’t in the sudoers file you can use su.

You now have GNUPG installed at /usr/local/bin/gpg. For more information on GNUPG see it’s homepage. In part two I will show you have to send encrypted emails.

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