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The other day I wrote up a little review of Gentoo, but I was stupid and used wordpress’ editor and guess what… FIREFOX CRASHED! and then my internet became mostly unusable for two days. I’ll try to get that rewritten sometimes this week… Also FreeBSD 7 is supposed to come out tomorrow so I think I will try that. I’ll let you know how it goes.

One a side not I recently broke down and joined facebook. Its actually pretty cool, especially if you are in to not being able no control anything at all. But, the lack of crap falling down peoples profiles almost makes up for that :). I’m still a little worried about privacy issues but I haven’t given them anything too important so I’m not too worried about it. (when it asks for you email password so that it can send emails inviting your friends to join facebook remember that viri(or however you spell that) use a very similar tactic…). So if you are interested <a href=”″>friend me</a> or what ever they call it over there. I also would like to suggest the iThink application which you can find on my profile.


Fedora for the win.

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Firefox Extensions I can’t live without.

Everyone else seems to be doing the best 10000 Firefox extensions and for some reason people seem to love them… So I though maybe I should give it a try.

Here is the list of extensions that I have installed right now (they are in alphabetical order) :

  1. Adblack Filterset.G Update This will keep Adblocker updated on what it needs to be blocking.
  2. Adblock plus Blocks ads. There has been some controversy lately over the use of things like Adblock, but my feeling is that I’m poor so I’m not going to buy anything anyway so I would never click on the ad. I can ignore the ads as well as Adblock can get ride of them; I just prefer them to not be there for various reasons.
  3. Bugmenot This is a really useful extension that allows you to access’s database by right clicking a user or password field. Unfortunately this is not available from mozila’s addon page so you will have to get it from
  4. buttons I think you can figure this one out.
  5. Downthemal We all know that Firefox’s build in download manager suck; that is where downthemall comes in. downthemall is a much better download manager but it is most useful when you have a long list of things you want to download. Downthemall could probably completely replace Firefox’s download manager but for me it is just a little bit to bulky and I wouldn’t trust it to download huge files much more than I would trust the standard manager.
  6. FireGPG A cool little extention that will encrypt any text in any text field, including Gmail, with GPG.
  7. Fission Okay so this one is kind of trivial. Fission displays a progress bar in the address bar. I like this one because it makes it looks good and it makes it easier to see how much a page has loaded.
  8. Flashblock This is the best extension that I have ever come across. Flashblock blocks all flash from loading until you want it to.
  9. Html Validator Gives some information about how well the site being displayed complies with W3C standards.
  10. Mcafee Siteadvisor Displays an icon next to search results in google that give information about the safety of the site that is listed, as well as displaying an icon in Firefox about the site currently being displayed.
  11. stumble upon Most people have heard of Stumble Upon but in case you haven’t I’ll explain it to you. Stumble Upon gives you a simi-random page based on things that you have marked as interests and other pages you marked as liked or disliked.
  12. Nightly Tester ToolsThis one is extremely useful to anyone who likes to have the newest beta of Firefox. Nightly Tester Tools forces extensions to work with versions of Firefox that they are not meant to work with. Sure you could do that your self but why go through the trouble.
  13. Noscript Some people really hate this one and I can understand that as it can be annoying some times. Noscript blocks javascript.
  14. Url Linkmakes any text into a link. Obviously this is only useful if the text is a valid url.

Here are the search plugins that I have installed (this is the order that I keep them in my list) :

(note: To get these you should go to the mycroft project page)

  1. Google
  2. Google images
  3. Google video
  4. AfterVote
  5. Wikipedia
  6. Wikibooks
  7. Wiktionary
  8. Wikiquote
  9. Sensei’s Library I made this one but there is now one on mycroft, though I can’t vouch for it sense I’ve never used it.
  10. youtube
  11. veoh
  12. metacafe
  13. sourceforge
  14. mycroft project
  15. firefox add-ons
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