About the Author


My name is Justin. I am an archaeology major at The University of Evansville. My goal in life is to become supreme ruler of the universe.

My Interests

As an archaeology major I am of course interested in archaeology. I hope to specialize in northern European archaeology (I have a thing for Vikings if you couldn’t tell) with a focus in experimental arhaeology. I am also interested in computer and will be minoring in computer science (just for the heck of it). I am a huge fantasy and science fiction fan (When I say I am a huge fan I mean it: I’m the size of a fracking house! 🙂 (I know I’m not funny)).

Contact me

AIM/skype: justanto
Twitter: @therandomviking
Facebook: Justin

All Works On this site ( which are created by the author are creative commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0


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