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A note to tv producers.

If I miss a show and it isn’t available on hulu, or your website, I have 2 options. 1. Stop watching it on TV and wait months or even years to buy the entire season on DVD. 2. Pirate it.

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The Free Market

The free market philosophy relies assumes that people are capable of making good decisions. People are ignorant, impulsive, short sighted, knowingly self destructive morons (present company included). The idea that anyone really knows what is best for themselves is pretty dumb. It is even more ludicrous to think that a small number of people could make decisions for everyone better than they can make them themselves.

Perhaps one could argue that though people make bad decisions there tends to be an overall trend toward ok or even good decisions. I think that would be a fairly difficult argument to make, but maybe not impossible.

I kind of lost track of my point, but I think it was when people tell you that the free market will solve all problems just remember that People are ignorant, impulsive, short sighted, knowingly self destructive morons who either often wouldn’t or couldn’t tell a good decision if it hit them in the face.

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How do you prefer your coffee?

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I got my hands on an iPad today

I finally got my hands on an iPad today I know I’m a bit behind. It was ok. It is pretty much a big ipod touch but it isn’t lame like you would think. The bigness just makes it easy to use. It seems like it would be really good for reading books on and maybe watching short videos. I think it would be a nice to keep near the couch or bed so you can grab it and get online without having to lug around a laptop.

I have to say the typing was better than I thought it was going to be. It is impossible to type on the ipod because you hit 6 keys at once but the size of the ipad means you don’t have that problem. I couldn’t hold the thing and type with my thumbs though. That would have been nice. I would be cool to see something like what Sony did on the vaio ux’s (or one of its predecessors I can’t remember) onscreen keyboard. (sorry I couldn’t find pictures, but the basic thing you need to know is that it put the keys in a radial arangement in the lower corners so you could type with your thumbs)

simply scaling up the ipod touch probably has other UI problem too. I’m also still not happy about the lack of a USB port but I can get over that. Apparently it can’t print even though Apple made appleworks for it… The only reason I would ever buy one is for content reasons. Unfortunately I don’t think Android is going to be as successful at getting content provides to work with them. I would probably still go with Android just because of the openness (and I don’t mean the platform but on the usability and developer level).

if the iPad were $100-$200 cheaper I would be much more willing to accept its faults.

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Tell Apple you want iTunes For Linux.

A lot of linux users don’t like iTunes and that is fine. I’m not a huge fan of it myself, but I have an ipod and I need it. Of course a much better solution to the ipod problem would be to make ipods not need itunes, but that is never going to happen. Apple makes a version of itunes for windows so why doesn’t it make on for linux? The thing I hate about apple the most is that their devices require itunes and the thing I hate about itunes is that it doesn’t work on linux. I can’t see myself buying another Apple device in the future if I can’t run itunes. I’m sure a lot of you feel the same way. I’m sure there are some of you who think that it is good that it isn’t on linux because it isn’t free (as in speech). Personally I’m ok with non-free software’s existence. If you don’t want to use it don’t, but don’t tell me I shouldn’t use it because it is evil or something (tell me why you don’t use it and then let me decide for myself if I want to use it).

Anyway I’m writting this because I would like everyone to go tell apple you want a version of iTunes for Linux . I hope you have better luck with it working that I am…


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