a question answered: how to get flash to work in linux

16 Apr

EDIT: It has come to my attention the the adobe site linked to below does not have the 64 bit version of flash listed. This is because the 64 bit version of flash 10 is still in development. However a development release can be found here (it is all the way at the bottom of the page)

MIstergarrett asks:

I’m totaly new to linux. I used a little dos back in the day, but been on windows since 3.11. I got tired of bill gates throwing updates that just comprimise the security of my system. So I try Unbuntu. And I cant get it to do jack squat. No google vids no flash players no nothin, Half the crap they post on forums dont work. I feel like you have to been the one who wrote the program to get it to do anything, or at least be a software programmer. I’m sorry to say I’m starting to regret installing Ubuntu. Any suggestions on a distro for 100% complete newbies would be greatly greatly apprcieated.

Dos and linux are very very different so, sorry to tell you but, knowledge of dos will probably not be much use to you. A lot of people associate linux with a text interface (which is ok because a lot of geeks use it and we like text interfaces and in all honesty if you really want to get a lot of control of your computer you have to use it), but there is a gui too and the average user will probably not need the terminal too much :).

I understand your pain. Forums are often a really bad place to get good information. Sometimes the best thing to do is ask a person face to face (doesn’t have to be literally face to face…). I find IRC good for this.

as to recommending a distro I’m not real sure I can help you out. most distros will have the problems you mentioned because they are free and things like flash are not.

However, it is pretty simple to get flash to work on your linux machine. Just go to the flash website. Now on the bottom it has a drop down menu and asks what kind of file you want to download. you can choose a package that will do all the dirty work for you and this is a great option when it works (which is almost never it seems). if you are using Ubuntu (or any debian based system) you will want to .deb (YUM for suse and .rpm for red hat/fedora).

This never seems to work for me so I just do it manually (which isn’t that bad). You will want to download the .tar.gz and uncompress it. this will give you 2 files: and installer and a you should be able to run the installer and have everything go nicely and have flash installed, but that never works for me so I do it by hand (which is so stupidly simple that you really don’t even need the installer). just move the file to ~/.mozilla/plugins and restart firefox (you may have to log out) and you should have flash in firefox now!

please not that it has been a few weeks since I last did this and I am using Fedora so if it is not correct it is because my memory is fogy or just something odd with your system.

so back to your question about distros. I have heard that Opensuse is a good distro do beginners, but I haven’t used it in a long time so don’t quote me on that. You might also look into Xandros (formally lindows and linspire) I have not used it but I think it may be more what you are looking for.

Edit Oct 4, 2009: you may also be interested in Mint

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