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Fedora 10 is here! all praise Red Hat

Fedora 10 has finally been released today. As you know, if you read this blog anyway, I am an avid supporter of Fedora. Normally I try one of the betas before the release but this time around I have been busy with school so I did not have time. I am only now working on aquireing a copy for myself and will be trying it in the next few days. The last version had a few problems I would like to see worked out in this version but I am not too hopeful. With any luck this version will actually run on my iBook! (it does say it works on all macs built after 1999 and mine was built in 2005 or so.) I might write something up and let you know how it is, if I have time. But in the meanwhile GO GET A COPY!

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Obama won.

It seems that almost without a doubt Obama as won the election. Only the next 4 years will tell if this is a good thing but for my part I think it can’t be worse that what we have had.

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