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Book Review: The Kite Runner

I’ve been wanting to do a book review for a while but just never got around to it. So, when I went to Orientation for college they gave me a copy of “The kite Runner” to read over the summer for one of my classes. I’m in the process of reading that right now. I thought it would be interesting to do a journal of sorts as I read. I’ve already read the first 7 chapters so my first “journal entry” will be on all 7 of those and then I will read a few more chapters and do another on those.

chapters 1-7 July 18: I am still waiting for any hint of the existence of a plot in this book. The book seems like it is a autobiography in the guise of a novel (or maybe other way around?); It is even written in first person. So far every chapters has been a collection of independent stories from the authors childhood. These stories seem to be leading up to something but I can’t fit them together to figure out exactly what (that isn’t entirely true I just don’t want to give spoilers). At this point I do not like this book and can not recomend it to anyone.

8-end August 28: Oops I’ve been done with this book for a little while… I kind of forgot to wright up anything. It took me quite a while to finnish being that I devoted most of my time to working and sleeping so that I could pay for college. Speaking of college, this week was the first week of my freshman year and I’m very tired. I’ve been going since saturday (it is now thursday) and I won’t be done with this week until I take a stupid assessment test on this saturday. So, in essence I now both broke and beat, but that doesn’t have anything do with this post. The book sucked. The book pretty much worked the way I thought it would in my last entry. I don’t really want to give to many detail and ruin the story or anyone who might want to read this horrid piece of crap. What I will say is that about 2/3rds of the book is backstory and set up which has no single plot ark (much as I described before) and the rest of the book is a single continuos plot (luckily) which is not all that interesting and fairly predictable; to top things off there is no real resolution. The book drags on longer than it should and introduces more problems at the end that are never fully resolved. It feels more like the deadline got close so the author stopped a chapter or two (or at least a page or two) short. If you like books with no plot or character development but lots of human relations (for instance if you like romance novels but are looking for something that isn’t entirely about sex) than this book is probably great for you (and also I hate you).

I’m still not dead. I doubt I will be posting much though as, like I said, have just started college (Go Aces!) and if the first two days of classes are any indication I will be very busy. Oh, if you are for some reason interested, I am studying Archaeology (So maybe there will be some Archaeology related posts)

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