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Leopard sucks

Leopard Sucks! “Why not just switch to Linux then; you are always talking about it” you say. Well I tried. When Fedora tries to start anaconda (the installation program your those not in the know) the screen just flashes red, green, blue, black, white, and gray. At first I thought well maybe it is testing the video card or something but after 20 minuets I decided that probably wasn’t the case. Sure I could use other distros but I like Fedora

So why does leopard suck?

  1. The Dock looks retarded so you have to hack it into a simi-non-retarded state. At least they kind of almost fixed stacks.
  2. Only about half of your settings are stored in your user folder, so you have to reset everything when you reinstall. Of course, Apple never really intends you to reinstall.
  3. Its slow and often unresponsive. Much like windows Leopard gets slower over time
  4. Spaces not only still sucks but there is now (or maybe I’m just now noticing it) a bug that will cause the Finder to stay in focus if you move to a space with nothing running in it and then move to another space where something is running. So, incase that doesn’t make sense I will give an example of what I mean. You have Firefox running in space 1 and you are looking at websites or something, in space 2 you have Thunderbird running, and in space 3 you have nothing runnig (just the Finder). If you move from space 1 to space 2 Thunderbird will come into focus, but if you move from space 1 to 3 and then to 2 the Finder will be in focus. Spaces uses already used keyboard comands… What?! Why would you do that?!
  5. They somehow made previewing things suck. If you want to preview audio or video the only controls you have are play and stop. Not to mention that sometimes their preview in Finder thing sometimes randomly opens random files when you didn’t tell it to.

I have one more general complaint about Apple which doesn’t really belong in the list above. Apples main purpos for creating new versions of there software is to make money by forcing people to upgrade by creating backward incompatibly (ie. new APIs which are only available with the new version of mac os). If you don’t update within a year or two most applications won’t run on older versions.
Apple even knows that Leopard sucks being that (much like Microsoft) they are already planning to release a new version soon (the only difference between the two being that Microsoft is completely incompetent and will much longer than anyone can guess to get their new version out). I would say I hope that this new version (snow leopard) is better but I don’t really care because the rumor is that it will be X86 only and I’m not going to buy a new mac just to use it.

P.S. Let me know if you have gotten Fedora to work with an IBook G4 and if so what version and what model Ibook


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