Site of the Week: Picking a Linux Distro

29 Feb

This weeks site of the week will have to be cut short as I have some pressing issues I need to attend to.

My pick this week is zegenie studios’ Linux Distribution Chooser. I doubt this will really be of much use to you if you already know how to use Linux, but if you don’t it might help a bit. it just asks some questions about yourself and gives you a list of distros that you might like.

If you are new to linux, and don’t know much about computers, I suggest that you start with Ubuntu and then when and if you learn to use it (a.k.a. learn to hate Ubuntu) you might try this chooser to see what is out there that you might want to use. Don’t settle for the first thing you find though, try a bunch and see what you like the most.

now for a bit of an aside. That Gentoo “review that I promised is still coming when I get around to it. Also I will download FreeBSD 7.0 as soon as the servers cool down a bit and let you know what I think of it (like you care :)).

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Posted by on February 29, 2008 in linux, site of the week



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