site of the Week: None

08 Feb

Due to circumstances I have no intention of telling the fine folks of the internet I was not able write a site of the week tonight. I may have one tomorrow but don’t count on it.

Instead I will give you something that I forgot to put in my last post. I meant to talk about what one could do if one was forced to use a windows machine where one does not have permissions to change the keyboard layout. The answer DvAssist. DvAssist will change the Layout for you even when you don’t have permission to do it. The only problem is that since you don’t have permission to change the layout you can’t change it back with out DvAssist (It changes back and forth). To make sure its clear, DvAssit actually changes the layout in windows. It does not sit between you and windows and emulate a change or anything like that. It actually changes it. That means that when dvAssist is not running the layout will be set to whatever you changed it to with DvAssist.

I use it at school and it works pretty well. I do recommend using hot keys to switch just in case you need to switch in a hurry.

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