Site of the Week: The ZBB improbable Dictionary

01 Feb

blarg, its time for site of the week again. I’m running out of stuff here people. Please for the the love of Odin if you know of any good sites let me know.

My Brother likes to frequent the ZBB, a language board. There was an epic thread where people suggested word and then someone came up with a definition for it. Its a lot like the meaning of lif. Some of them are even useful. My brother made this site so that the words could be easy found.

you will find things such as:

condry n. two dimensional figure with two straight edges and one curved. -cal adj. shaped like a condry. “The branch that smashed his window was pretty condrycal.” Contributors: Åge Kruger, ghur

ophile n. one who loves or admires round things. ophilic adj. like or prone to being an ophile. [o (-shaped) + phile] “He’s such an ophile, he lives in a round house with round doors and round windows.” Contributors: Neek, WurdBendur

forkel v. to immerse a fork in water that is attached to a snorkel. “He forkelled to the depths of the bowl. Contributors: Grath, aanimo

halp n. the technical term for what people really mean when they say ‘the bigger half’, eg, ‘do you want halp this mars bar?’. Also v., denotinog an inaccurate halving, usually purposful, eg, “You’ve halped that penguin!” Contributors: Circéus, graig

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