Why Do I Need 4GBs of Ram?

20 Jan

I have noticed that most new computers come standard with 2-4GBs or ram; every time I look at a computer with 4GBs of ram I have to ask myself why does the average users need 4GB of ram? They don’t. Vista(32-bit), which comes with many of these computers,Can’t even use 4GBs of ram, but it will try to make you think it can. 32-bit Linux also has this problem, as it is actually a hardware problem, but Linux has a hack that will actually allow you to use that ram. Of course, if you really need 4GBs of ram why are you using a 32-bit processor?

now on to my point. I own 3 computers all of which have less than 1GB of ram. My ibook(Mac os 10.4) and my main pc (Fedora 8 ) both have 768MB of ram. Sure I would like to have 1GB or 1.5GBs of ram sometimes but most of the time 768 is enough.I also have an old dell that I got for $25 that only has 256MBs, so I almost never use it (and I’m too cheap to buy more ram for it so its going to stay that way). Why am I mostly happy with 768MBs of ram when the average person seems to have to have 2GBs at a minimum? There may be many answers to this. The main one being that I use Linux and Mac OS and they use Windows; another top contender is that the average person doesn’t know all that much about computers and have just been told that they need 2-4GBs of ram. The need for several GBs of ram(and a high end graphics card) for an OS to simply run smoothly and as designed shows some serious (possibly intentional) design flaws.

I think I’ll save my money and keep using my outdated, malfunctioning(it has broken hardware) pc and Linux.

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