Big Corporations Hate You

07 Jan

It is my opinion that big corporations(or at least electronics corporations such as Sony) hate every single one of their customers.My proof for this is every product made my a large electronics company, especially Sony. When the PSP came out a few years ago the first thing I thought was “Awesome I’ll be able to carry around roms of old out of copyright games and play them when ever I want!.” NOPE! Sony has repeatedly gone out of their way to make it harder and harder to get hombrew code onto a PSP and for what? Are they trying to protect us from viruses or root kits? I doubt it. I think they are doing it just to annoy the snot out of users. The sad thing is that it hasn’t hurt their sales (that much).

Lo I have more. Sometimes last year I bough a new Samsung SPH A900M to replace my old failing (the mic was going out) Samsung phone (I like Samsung). This phone is, in my opinion, the best dumb phone you can (or can’t because it isn’t sold anymore except maybe in some walmarts), but It has some huge problems. This first problem I don’t know who to attribute too. So my phone is a “media” meaning it comes with a usb cable and acts as a mass storage device so I can put music on it and stream music and video and stuff like that (more about all of this later). The only problem is that I can’t use the mp3s I put onto it as ring tones. If I want new ring tones I have to buy them from Sprints store (and they all suck)! Ok fine, it is just a phone I don’t need it to play music when I call as long as it can make some kind of noise; whatever. I would just like to know if it is Samsung of Sprint that is blocking me from using my own mp3s as ring tones. Now because this phone is a “media phone” Sprint wants me to pay an extra monthly fee to get power vision (EVDO internet) and won’t even allow me to use the regular vision that already came standard with my package! The worst thing is that I asked the guys working at the sprint store if I would still be able to send and receive test messages. They said of course you just can’t send picture mail. So I’m ok with not having internet on my phones tiny screen I guess. Well after I had the phone for a few month a send a few test messages (I don’t use them that much because they are pointless) and I got charged for them. My dad (The stuff is in his name) called up sprint to ask what was up. They said that my phone did not have vision and thus could not send/receive text messages and then tried to get us to buy the power vision package (witch doesn’t even work where I live so I would be using regular vision anyway and he told them this) even after we explained to him that we were told that I would still be able to send/receive text messages. Did you get that? I need EVDO to send a freaking text message!

And yet the list continues… Apple tries very hard to keep hombrew code off of their ipods and iphones and may even be going as far as bricking their own products on purpose. With the new ipods the library is hashed so that if any program other than itunes edits the content all of it will become unusable, yes I know here is a work around. Microsoft does everything they can to inhibit a users abilities. Sony makes some of the best game consoles out there (hardware wise) and then makes impossible rules to get content onto them. Just take a look around you at all of the electronics in your house that you can’t use properly because they have been intentionally crippled by their manufacture. What kind of a company does this? How can they expect to continue to make money when everyone hates them? They don’t because they haven’t thought that far ahead yet. These corporations can’t think past the next quarter. If just one could think in the long run and they could crush all of their competition by making good products. I know they have a legal obligation too make money for their share holders, but if I were a shareholder in one of these companies I would be worried about the things they are doing to make me money could cause the collapse of the company. The share holders don’t make any money if the corporation goes out of business and they stand to make a lot more money if the company would only stop worrying about making the biggest profits they can right now and think about how to make boat loads of money over a long period of time.

Rant over.

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