Site of the Week: GNU Emacs Manual With a Hint of Death Metal

07 Dec

I can’t say that I’m a member of the church of emacs, but when I’m forced to use vim I can’t help but to hate it. Vim has two modes do nothing and beep at you. I can’t figure out how to get into the edit mode (I’ve read that you have to hit esc but it never works for me) so I just smash the keyboard until it starts typing, of course something it then goes back to doing nothing or beeping before I can get anything typed. I have had more success with quiting vim than anything else, but I digress. I’m sure every body here has heard of emacs before but you may not have used it. Emacs has a pretty steep learning curve (I don’t know it that well) so I went looking for a good tutorial. I found the gnu projects manual for Gnu Emacs. It isn’t the most interesting read but you will be surprised with the things that you will learn. so take a look if you want.

Also here is a very interesting music video.

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