Site of the Week: Bash Scripting

26 Oct

Well, its Friday and that means it is time for another site of the day. This week I actually have two sites for you because I felt like it. So as you have probably already figured of from the title today I’m going to be giving you sites about bash scripting. The first is the site that I used to learn how to script the second is the site that I use for reference; I haven’t really read through it but I would like too sometime. is actually just about bash in general but it has a pretty good introduction to bash shell scripting. I used this site to learn because it does a very good job of presenting its information in a well organized, good looking, easy to understand way. If all you want is a introduction to shell scripting this site is great.

Linux Shell Scripting Tutorial: A Beginner’s handbook offers a much more in depth introduction to shell scripting but it isn’t as pretty and may be a little more complex than a noob would want. I use this book mostly for reference because it goes into more detail and a wider range of topics than Linuxcommands does. I probably should read this so I can learn about all the cool stuff that I that I didn’t learn with Linuxcammands.

Bash shell scripting is a great way to introduce someone to the basic concept of programming. If you want to learn to program but don’t think you can handle a real programing language or if you have kids that want to learn how to program, Bash scripting is probably the best way to go.

I think now I should point out the differences between scripting and programming. They are actually pretty simple. Scripting is writing a list of commands for programs to carry out while programming is writing code that will be compiled/interpreted and is itself ran, not just telling other things what to do but doing them itself. I don’t know if that is very clear or at all a good way of explaining the difference. If you can do a better job the comments awaits you.

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