Concatenation: Terminal Emulators, Document Formats, and Why Linux is easier then Windows

14 Oct

It has been a while since I’ve done a concatenation so I figured it was about time. Today I’m going to discuses some articles about terminal emulators, document formats, and why Linux is easier then windows.

CMD.EXE is 32 Times Slower Than Gnome-Terminal! From Learn More About Your Linux

don’t open more than one instance of Gnome-Terminal! I don’t really care about CMD.exe as I don’t use it but I do care that Gnome-Terminal uses 45mb of ram for every instance. I would be interested in what kind of affect multiple tabs has on that. Does it run a new instance for every tab? It doesn’t look like it form the system monitor, but then it also says it isn’t using more than 160kb of ram

Scafolds and Crutches from Command Line Warriors

Zeth, who has a greater knowledge of the way capitalization works in titles then Learn More About Your Linux does :), has a nice write up about the major document formats (.doc, .odt, .abw, .txt>.

I don’t like Word processors very much, for other reasons than file format, So I’ve never really put much thought into the way they store information. I was pretty surprised to read that .odt stores everything in dozens of files. 24064 bytes to store 11bytes is ridiculous. He does a good job of covering it so I don’t relly have anything to add. Now go read it (but not until you’ve finished reading this).

6 Things That make Linux Easier to Use than Windows form Linux Brain Dump

I want to cover this in step by step the way that he does so I’m going to past what he has so you don’t have to look back and forth.

The installation process of most modern Linux distributions involves one DVD, which includes just about everything one would need on a workstation – including drivers, an office suite and tons of Internet tools.

Windows Vista comes on one DVD, or 6 cds, and is very simple to install (because it gives you no options).

Installing Updates
In most cases, all of the software you use can be updated with one command, or just a few clicks.

The same can be had with Windows as long as you only use free as in beer Microsoft software. Windows does a horrible job of managing updates.

It’s simply not needed right now, but the OSS community has already created an excellent product called ClamAV to take care of malicious software when/if it becomes a problem for Linux.

This is not completely true, there are Linux viruses and it has recently been discovered that linux has become a prime target for root kits. I don’t run anti-virus software on eithre my mac or my linux boxes but I do use SElinux, though I not sure if SElinux can stop that sort of thing.

Adding Software
As with system updates, adding new software can be done with one command in most cases.


Problem Resolution
If you need to fix a problem with an application, a visit to a forum or IRC channel is usually all you need, but in the rare cases that this isn’t enough, you can contact the program’s author/development team for support, which is normally free.

You can get some decent support from Mircosoft (at a cost) and you can find people in the community that will help you for free (most of the time).

Instant Messaging
Pidgin, the internet messaging client included with most distributions, works with IRC, ICQ, AIM, MSN, Google Talk, Jabber, Yahoo and others, right out of the box.

Pidgin is available on windows as well, it just doesn’t come pre-installed (yet).

That wraps it up for today. If I missed any cool stories or you just think I should take a look at something leave an u in the comments.

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