Strange Physics Questions

04 Oct

This blog has no real purpose, point, or main topic of focus so I will sometimes post random stuff, like I’m going to now.

I was started on my physics homework in class today and after reading the first question I had to ask myself “what?” I understood the problem it just seemed to be a little strange to me, but I wrote it off and moved on the the next problem. I read the next problem and it was even more absurd. It was at this point that I decide that these Princeton Hall guys must be a very strange bunch.

So here are the two problem. They are not verbatim because I don’t have the book with me right now but they are as close as I can remember.

41. Harry accidentally fell out of a helicopter traveling 100m/s and 2.0s latter plunged into a swimming pool. What horizontal distance did Harry travel before he plunged into the pool?

my first thought was who cares about his horizontal distance, somebody call a medic the dude just fell out of a helicopter and is now ether dead or downing.

42. Harry and Anglia are standing on the balcony of the building in which they live looking at a pool below their balcony. they are wondering How fast would they have to run to jump into the pool from the balcony? The pool is 15 meters from the base of the building and They estimated that the balcony is 45 meters form the ground.

This makes me wonder if the helicopter accident was really an accident. Maybe this fellow just likes falling into pools? But seriously, who would stand on a balcony 45 meters in the air and say “hmm I wonder how fast I would have to run to jump into that pool?”

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