Fun with Solaris

25 Sep

I previously talked about my experiences with Fedora 7 and I would like to update you on that a little bit before I move on. I tried my Nvidia card of doom and as expected it didn’t work but that is okay because it really isn’t much of an improvement over the onboard intel graphics. So last time I complained about the lack of vlc in the repository well sense then I have found which seems to be a repository or rpms for fedora, and I think maybe some other rpm based distros. Unlike apt-get on Debian, yum takes care of all the stuff that the user shouldn’t have to mess with; you just download an rpm from them and their repository, key, and whatever else it might need are added to your system. I’m not sure if that is a feature of yum or just something linva went out of their way to do. If you know let me know in the comments.

Now for the stuff for which this post is being made.

As I said last time I got some of Suns free Solaris DVDs and though it took me a lot longer to get around to it then I thought it would I tried to install it. I say tried because after I got it installed I couldn’t get it to boot; I think this was because my computer has a bad bios and can’t keep time (ntp wasn’t available). I have had several issues with that problem. From what I saw of Solaris it seems to be a really bad system for the average user; Solaris is Unix and shows it. Because my computer can’t keep time every time it boots it gets really confused because it thinks it has been years sense the last time it had booted; Ok that that big of a problem just keep going and ignore it right? Not with Solaris, Solaris wants to run some scripts to “fix” stuff, which never worked, and after you get passed the scripts you are dumped to a bash login. Again I thought ok this isn’t a problem I’ll just run the GDM and log in, Think again. Root for somereason doesn’t get to run the GDM because he doesn’t own it. I tried a few more times and then I gave up. Maybe I was just doing it wrong or something… If you know please tell me how to fix this. After I couldn’t get Solaris to work I tried Sabayon for a while and then went back to Fedora.

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