Concatenation: Command Line Tools

18 Sep

I’ve been working on this for a while now and I think I should finally put it out but it isn’t quite finished. I just wrote a 500 paper for school (today was the first day of school mind you) so I don’t feel like puting in the time it would take for me to finish this and I’m even havening trouble typing the letters of these words in order so I’m just going to but it out the way it is and maybe fix it later. not like it matters because no one will ever read it.

This is the first and possibly the only post in a concatenation series. I have greped a few (ok two) other blogs and found some useful list of the best command line tools and I’m going to put them here mostly so they will be in one place so I can get easy access to them but if they help you and you want to believe I have done this out of the goodness in my heart for your sole benefit then that is ok too. Make sure to check out the blogs I’ve pulled this stuff from for some a more detailed description on these commands.
The first up comes from my favorite blog
Ten Cool Coreutils commands
1. tac
tac works just like cat but reverse the text in the output. I’ve personally never used it but it might come in handy some time.
2. tee
tee prints is used to print output of another command both to the standard output (screen) and a file.
3. pr
formats text for printing
4. stat
this is used to get information on a file
5. yes
yes infinitely prints y or any arg you give it. It Also has the added benefit for using 100% of your processor.
6. expand
7. split
8. uiq
9. wc
10. shred

The other comes from a blog that I have never actually read but I found it on Digg . I may start reading it.
Ten OS X Command Line Utilities you might not know about
1. ssh
2. top
3. lsbom
4. say
5. softwareupdate
6. ifconfig
7. lipo
8. screencapture
9. fink
10. darwinports

If you know of any other blogs that have good lists let my know and I will post them here.

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