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Site of the Week: Geek Test

I’m going to start a new series starting this week where I just give a link to an interesting web page. This could be a page that I found sometime that week or a page that I have known about for a long time and Just thought would be cool to share.

Geek Test

This site is pretty old but it is still interesting. If you have ever needed, or wanted, to prove how geeky you are then this site is for you. After you take the test you can get a button to put on your site, like the one below, to let others know how geeky you are.

i am a major geek


To defend myself I got a 42.40631% so I’m almost a super geek.

If you have any other cool ideas for Site of the week send me an email or drop it in the comments.

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Fun with Solaris

I previously talked about my experiences with Fedora 7 and I would like to update you on that a little bit before I move on. I tried my Nvidia card of doom and as expected it didn’t work but that is okay because it really isn’t much of an improvement over the onboard intel graphics. So last time I complained about the lack of vlc in the repository well sense then I have found which seems to be a repository or rpms for fedora, and I think maybe some other rpm based distros. Unlike apt-get on Debian, yum takes care of all the stuff that the user shouldn’t have to mess with; you just download an rpm from them and their repository, key, and whatever else it might need are added to your system. I’m not sure if that is a feature of yum or just something linva went out of their way to do. If you know let me know in the comments.

Now for the stuff for which this post is being made.

As I said last time I got some of Suns free Solaris DVDs and though it took me a lot longer to get around to it then I thought it would I tried to install it. I say tried because after I got it installed I couldn’t get it to boot; I think this was because my computer has a bad bios and can’t keep time (ntp wasn’t available). I have had several issues with that problem. From what I saw of Solaris it seems to be a really bad system for the average user; Solaris is Unix and shows it. Because my computer can’t keep time every time it boots it gets really confused because it thinks it has been years sense the last time it had booted; Ok that that big of a problem just keep going and ignore it right? Not with Solaris, Solaris wants to run some scripts to “fix” stuff, which never worked, and after you get passed the scripts you are dumped to a bash login. Again I thought ok this isn’t a problem I’ll just run the GDM and log in, Think again. Root for somereason doesn’t get to run the GDM because he doesn’t own it. I tried a few more times and then I gave up. Maybe I was just doing it wrong or something… If you know please tell me how to fix this. After I couldn’t get Solaris to work I tried Sabayon for a while and then went back to Fedora.

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Firefox Extensions I can’t live without.

Everyone else seems to be doing the best 10000 Firefox extensions and for some reason people seem to love them… So I though maybe I should give it a try.

Here is the list of extensions that I have installed right now (they are in alphabetical order) :

  1. Adblack Filterset.G Update This will keep Adblocker updated on what it needs to be blocking.
  2. Adblock plus Blocks ads. There has been some controversy lately over the use of things like Adblock, but my feeling is that I’m poor so I’m not going to buy anything anyway so I would never click on the ad. I can ignore the ads as well as Adblock can get ride of them; I just prefer them to not be there for various reasons.
  3. Bugmenot This is a really useful extension that allows you to access’s database by right clicking a user or password field. Unfortunately this is not available from mozila’s addon page so you will have to get it from
  4. buttons I think you can figure this one out.
  5. Downthemal We all know that Firefox’s build in download manager suck; that is where downthemall comes in. downthemall is a much better download manager but it is most useful when you have a long list of things you want to download. Downthemall could probably completely replace Firefox’s download manager but for me it is just a little bit to bulky and I wouldn’t trust it to download huge files much more than I would trust the standard manager.
  6. FireGPG A cool little extention that will encrypt any text in any text field, including Gmail, with GPG.
  7. Fission Okay so this one is kind of trivial. Fission displays a progress bar in the address bar. I like this one because it makes it looks good and it makes it easier to see how much a page has loaded.
  8. Flashblock This is the best extension that I have ever come across. Flashblock blocks all flash from loading until you want it to.
  9. Html Validator Gives some information about how well the site being displayed complies with W3C standards.
  10. Mcafee Siteadvisor Displays an icon next to search results in google that give information about the safety of the site that is listed, as well as displaying an icon in Firefox about the site currently being displayed.
  11. stumble upon Most people have heard of Stumble Upon but in case you haven’t I’ll explain it to you. Stumble Upon gives you a simi-random page based on things that you have marked as interests and other pages you marked as liked or disliked.
  12. Nightly Tester ToolsThis one is extremely useful to anyone who likes to have the newest beta of Firefox. Nightly Tester Tools forces extensions to work with versions of Firefox that they are not meant to work with. Sure you could do that your self but why go through the trouble.
  13. Noscript Some people really hate this one and I can understand that as it can be annoying some times. Noscript blocks javascript.
  14. Url Linkmakes any text into a link. Obviously this is only useful if the text is a valid url.

Here are the search plugins that I have installed (this is the order that I keep them in my list) :

(note: To get these you should go to the mycroft project page)

  1. Google
  2. Google images
  3. Google video
  4. AfterVote
  5. Wikipedia
  6. Wikibooks
  7. Wiktionary
  8. Wikiquote
  9. Sensei’s Library I made this one but there is now one on mycroft, though I can’t vouch for it sense I’ve never used it.
  10. youtube
  11. veoh
  12. metacafe
  13. sourceforge
  14. mycroft project
  15. firefox add-ons
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Have Ye a Jolly Talk like a pirate day.

Arr it be talk like a pirate day! So have a jolly piratical day!

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Moved Due to Suckage

I’ve moved the blog to wordpress because blogger sucks. All I’ve done so far is copy the posts but it already looks less crappy.

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Microsoft Will Die in the next 10 Years

I’m sure some people reading this are going to think that I’m either completely insane or I’m just stupid, but I tell you I am not my good sir. Okay so maybe I am a little insane.

Microsoft has one main source of income, licenses; these licenses are of two kinds OEMs and corporate site licenses. With out even one of those two sources of income Microsoft will be crippled, some what. I don’t expect huge numbers of corporations and organizations to move away from windows anytime soon so Microsoft is fairly safe on that front, however, With Dell already shipping PCs with Ubuntu and all the rumors of other vendors looking into Gnu/linux Microsoft may face a problem.

All it would take is for one major vendor (Dell?) to get pissed off at Microsoft and switch completely to Gnu/Linux, BSD, etc. If just one would make the switch it could cause a domino affect with the other vendors. I don’t think this is as far fetched as it might sound; vendors have to pay Microsoft, not that much though, which cuts into how much money they make. So from a purely it makes sense for these vendors to dumb Microsoft, however, I don’t see that happening. What I think is more likely is that Microsoft will attack one of these companies for doing something that is completely within their rights, such as selling linux, and the company will respond by giving Microsoft the figure; It won’t be that simple but you get the idea.

now to be realistic…

Gnu/Linux is not ready for the mainstream; Ubuntu might be more user friendly(not really) than some of the other distros it isn’t idiot friendly. My brother, who is an IT professional tried out Ubuntu about a year ago and every time he would have a problem he would ask me what to do; normally he had simple problems that could be solved by just installing something, however, after I would tell him what to install he would ask how to install it. I could never get him to understand that he didn’t have to download the program from the projects website because he was used to the way it worked in windows.

Also Microsoft isn’t really going to die they are just going to lose market share. Though after some time they could eventually die completely or just exit the computer market.

Microsoft will not make as much money doing FOSS but they can stay alive. They can sell their product and still be Open but people won’t pay as much for it so they would have to look into offering services, much like Red Hat or Oracle does. Novell seems to be doing just fine in the FOSS market.

What Microsoft can do to save themselves
One of my friends asked me a while back what I would do if I was could take control of Microsoft, my first response was kill windows and go to Gnu/Linux! I’ve given it some more thought sense then and changed my mind. Here is a step by step list I came up with of things Microsoft should do to not get killed by FLOSS.

1. Join them. FLOSS is taking over and the best thing for Microsoft to do to ensure their market share for the future is to join the crowd.
2. Play nice with others. Microsoft needs to release the documentation for their products ( the full documentation), and get ride of their modified standards, such as Microsoft java.
3. Fix security holes! the tech community is more likely to use windows if it isn’t buggy and full of holes.
4. integrate a package manager (that isn’t windows update). This is just obvious, I think.
5. Open up all of the code. This kind of goes with #1 and #2 and #3…

If you have anything to say please leave a commit, but be nice :(.


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Fedora 7

I installed Fedora 7 a few days a go and I have been pretty impressed so far. The last time I tried fedora I wasn’t all that impressed it just seemed a little rough around the edges but I may have been to quick to judge it before I really got to use it. I tried Fedora core 5 the last time around and I had a few driver problems so the system ran unbearably slow. I have yet to test it with my nvidea card that kills every distro that it touches but I have a feeling it probably won’t work, maybe with the new kernel (2.6.23) this will be fixed ( I know I could probably get it to work if I put in a few hours of work but I don’t care enough). While I’m on the topic of graphics I should mention that Fedora is 1 of 2 distros that has ever set my resolution to 1280 X 1024 (the other is suse).
As a Debian user in the past I have never really liked rpm but Fedora does it really well. yum is really easy to use for the command line and works very much like apt-get except that with yum I can actually search for packages! woho I like that feature why doesn’t apt-get let my search for packages? the only problem I have with yum is that it seems to have a pretty sparse library (compared to Debian at lest). I really like vlc and it isn’t available in the standard repository. I’m sure that I can add a repository so that I can get vlc but it would be nice if it were already there.

I just got my Solaris dvds in the mail so I will probably install that in place of fedora in a days. If I feel like it I will write something up about whether Solaris is crappy or not. I’m looking for the place on sun’s site where you can get free Solaris dvds sent to you but I can’t find it.

Pros: good package management, gread installer (anaconda), up to date software
cons: smaller than I would like repositories, why is visudo neither installed nor in the repositories? I like using sudo and I would like to use the program made to configure it so that I can use it (maybe there is some emacen that is meant to do the job of visudo installed), SElinux can be a pain but that isn’t Fedora’s fault


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